Natascha van Niekerk Nature's Valley South Africa

Hi there new visitor and welcome to my shop!

Let me introduce myself... I am Natascha van Niekerk, Fine Art Photographer and Maker. I live close to the beautiful village of Nature's Valley, South Africa, with my husband and our two dogs. We are surrounded by the most incredible forests, mountains, lakes and sea. It is from here that I dream up and produce all of the products you see in this shop. We are a husband and wife team and all items are handmade using my own original fine art photographs.

I completed my degree in Photography in 2004, after which I worked as a freelance photographer and also taught photography for a number of years. I always wanted to pursue fine art photography, so we decided to take the plunge a few years ago and moved away from the city. I can now spend my time outside exploring our beautiful earth, which is why you will notice that my work is deeply inspired by the area we live in!

What you see here on these pages is the result of countless hours of experimentation, days of frustration, a healthy amount of persistence and obsession and moments of celebrating the small wins. It truly is a labour of love filled with passion and commitment to my art. Thank you for spending some time here and for supporting my work!